"I meant to thank all of you earlier, but this gives me an opportunity to say what an excellent event this was – the best I have attended in many years, in relevant and interesting content, excellent presentations and a fine venue. Those who organized the Dialogue must have worked very hard, and the results speak for themselves. Thank you for the invitation and the experience."


"I wanted to thank you for inviting me to that great Niagara Institutional Dialogue. By the end of it, I knew what you meant by the difference between "conference" and "dialogue." It was great from start to finish."


"Many thanks to you and your associates for putting together an enjoyable and unique investment conference at the Niagara Institutional Dialogue. The collaborative style of presenters interacting with the audience, who interact amongst themselves was well executed"



" After spending some time reflecting on this past week, I wanted to reiterate my thanks for being invited to the NID. I found the presentations thought provoking, the topics interesting and the other attendees approachable and engaging. It was a most worthwhile experience that I will not soon forget. I look forward to connecting over the summer."


"This was definitely the best, valued the limited number of sponsors & high quality attendees = good value networking and excellent speakers."


"Atmosphere of exchange amongst peers, in a very pleasant setting."

"... valued the mix of practical and theoretical and discussions with new colleagues of like interest. "

"Excellent; values access to new research and investment approaches, had more impartial and less sell side pushing than other conferences."

"One of the best – NO, the best. Speakers for the most part were good “teachers”, the creative thinking and new “ideas”. I am leaving with 3 – 4 ideas and a couple of new contacts."


"Excellent – a fine mix of education and networking."

"One of the best events of this type I have attended. Great content, good speakers and intimate enough to meet with and have interesting discussions with most attendees."

"I'm still smiling as I think about how successful the Dialogue was. And I deliberately call it that (rather than just a conference) because dialogue was its signature. The panel moderators did a great job in making their sessions conversational -- one day they might consider a second career as a talk-show host! "

"Excellent, no others are better. I valued the intellectual content and stretch in challenging conventional wisdom."

"I found it to be very relevant, well organized and totally worth the time."


"Very high quality of speakers and very topical. Great hearing from key industry experts in such a relatively short period of time."

"No tape, no media - a great way to foster candid discussion."


"... thank you for the conference – logistically everything was seamless, location was great and the attendees and speakers all very good, making the whole event very worthwhile indeed."



"Thank you for a very good, well packaged and planned, and informative few days. Much appreciated."


"I thought the size of the conference was ideal - not too large and the attendees had good participation, 2-way dialogue. Not a sales-focused discussion."



"I thought the conference was excellent - and having sat in many others around the world."


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