Feature Speakers

Liaquat Ahamed, Pulitzer Prize winning author

Dr. David Asher, Principal, Vital Financial LLC
Dr. Richard Bookstaber
Jeb Bush, 43rd Governor of the State of Florida

Dr. Philippa Malmgren, President and Founder, Principalis Asset Management
Honourable Ted Menzies, Minister of State (Finance)



Liaquat Ahamed
As the global economy is racked by its worst crisis since the Great Depression, there is a renewed interest in the lessons to be learned from the world economic collapse of the late 1920s. Drawing on his best-selling book, Lords of Finance: The Bankers Who Broke the World, noted author Liaquat Ahamed discusses the insights we can gain from the Great Depression about the forces that cause global financial crises, the similarities between the breakdown in the 1920s and the current meltdown and the actions economic officials need to take in order to reverse the downward spiral in the world economy and avoid a repeat of that cataclysm.
Liaquat Ahamed has been a professional investment manager for twenty-five years. He has worked at the World Bank in Washington, D.C., and the New York-based partnership of Fischer Francis Trees and Watts, where he served as chief executive. He is currently an adviser to several hedge fund groups, including the Rock Creek Group and the Rohatyn Group, is a director of Aspen Insurance Co., and is on the board of trustees of the Brookings Institution. He has degrees in economics from Harvard and Cambridge universities.
Dr. David Asher
Dr. David Asher is a non-resident Senior Fellow with the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), where he leads their economics and security program, and a Principal with Vital Financial LLC, a high tech venture capital investment firm. Asher’s current research at CNAS is on the impact of conflict in the Gulf on the world economy, prospects for a poly-nuclear Middle East for energy markets, and America’s uncertain hegemony in an age of deteriorating globalization. He also is involved in East Asia research, particularly related to Japan, Korea, and China.
Asher has worked extensively in the financial industry focused on Asia, most recently serving as global strategist at Medley Capital (2007-2009) and Mitsubishi UFJ (2009-2010) as well as for two major macro hedge funds in the 1990s. However, David is perhaps best known for his work helping the US government pursue illicit financial networks and applying economic and financial pressure against defiant regimes. He was the architect of the two most successful actions in US history against illicit financial networks– the February 2011 designation of Lebanese Canadian Bank in Beirut and the September 2005 designation of Banco Delta Asia in Macau – under Section 311 of the USA Patriot Act. Both designations occurred in the context of complex interagency initiatives that he helped spearhead. In 2008-2009 he advised US Central Command on the development of an innovative Iran pressure and containment strategy under General John Allen. Since 2010 he has been a lead external advisor to the US Special Operations Command for Counter-Threat Finance and Trans-National Threats.
From 2001-2005 Asher was coordinator of the State Department’s North Korea Working Group (under the Secretary), co-chair of the North Korea Activities Group (NORKAG) policy coordinating committee for the National Security Council, and US delegation adviser to the Six Party Talks. During the Bush administration Asher developed and oversaw the global targeting and disruption of the Kim Jong Il regime’s financial, illicit trading, and WMD networks. He also helped pursue the finances of the AQ Khan network and organized and ran the interagency Southeast Asia Counter-Terrorism working group following 9-11. He began the administration focused on the US-Japan relationship and organized a series of talks on bilateral economic and financial reform involving the White House, the Kantei, Treasury, State, METI, and MOF in 2001-2002.
David has a 25-year background in Asian economic and security relations and is fluent in Japanese. Asher graduated from Cornell University and received his doctorate in International Relations from the University of Oxford. His doctoral dissertation examined the failure of economic reform in interwar Japan and the rise of military nationalism.
Dr. Richard Bookstaber
Richard is the author of three books and scores of articles on finance, ranging from option theory to risk management. Called "one of Wall Street's rocket scientists" by The New York Times; Richard’s recent book A Demon of Our Own Design: Markets, Hedge Funds, and the Perils of Financial Innovation, a book that pinpointed the market weaknesses that spun out of control to create today’s financial crisis. A Demon of Our Own Design ranked number one on Amazon in finance and was selected as a finalist for the prestigious Loeb Award.
He has won the Graham and Dodd Scroll from the Financial Analysts Federation and the Roger F. Murray Award from the Institute for Quantitative Research in Finance for his research. Richard is also on the 2010 Worth list of the 100 Most Powerful People in Finance, and in 2009 was selected as one of the Conde Nast Portfolio 25, in the company of Jeff Bezos, Steve Jobs, Steven Chu and Jeffrey Katzenberg. He was Fulbright Scholar and Visiting Professor at Hebrew University of Jerusalem and received a Ph.D. in economics from MIT.

Jeb Bush
Jeb Bush is the 43rd governor of the state of Florida, serving from 1999 through 2006. He was the third Republican elected to the state’s highest office and the only Republican in the state’s history to be re-elected. Governor Bush remained true to his conservative principles throughout his two terms – cutting $20 billion in taxes, vetoing more than $2.3 billion in earmarks and reducing the state government workforce by more than 13,000. His limited government approach help unleash one of the most robust economies in the nation, creating 1.4 million net new jobs and improving the state’s credit ratings on Wall Street.
Dr. Philippa Malmgren
Dr. Philippa Malmgren is the President and Founder of Principalis Asset Management, based in London. Principalis engages in original research regarding risks to the market that are not easily quantified, namely politics, policy and geopolitics. Based on these insights, Principalis recommends specific investment strategies, trades and deals. Dr. Malmgren’s clients include many investment banks, fund managers and hedge funds as well as Sovereign Wealth Funds, pension funds, corporations and family offices.
She is a frequent guest on the BBC’s Today Program, Newsnight, a guest presenter on CNBC’s Squawk Box (UK and US) and is a speaker at many conferences across a wide range of industries. Dr. Malmgren has been a visiting lecturer at Tsinghua University in Beijing and an occasional lecturer for INSEAD and the Duke Fuqua Global Executive MBA Program.
She served as financial market advisor in the White House and on the National Economic Council from 2001-2002. Prior to that she founded Malmgren and Company, in London, England in 2000 and was previously the Deputy Head of Global Strategy at UBS and the Chief Currency Strategist for Bankers Trust. She headed the Global Investment Management business for Bankers Trust in Asia.
In 2000 The World Economic Forum named Dr. Malmgren a Global Leader for Tomorrow. She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Chatham House, the Economic Club of New York and the Institute for International Strategic Security. She serves on the advisory board of Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs. She is a Governor of the Ditchley Foundation in the UK.
She has a B.A. from Mount Vernon College and a M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the London School of Economics. She completed the Harvard Program on National Security and has a certificate from the 101st Airborne Division’s Air Assault School.
Honourable Ted Menzies
Ted Menzies was first elected to the House of Commons in 2004 and was re-elected in 2006, 2008 and 2011. In October 2007, Mr. Menzies was sworn in as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance. Previously, he served as Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Cooperation and the Minister of International Trade. He was appointed Minister of State (Finance) in January 2011.
Prior to his election to Parliament, Mr. Menzies worked in the areas of agriculture and international trade. He held the post of President of the Canadian Agri-Food and Trade Alliance and was Vice-President of the Grain Growers of Canada. He has owned and operated a farm for more than 30 years.
Mr. Menzies has played an active role in municipal, provincial, national and international boards and committees, including the Appeal Board for the Alberta Financial Services Corporation and Lions Clubs International.
Industry Experts

Barry Allan, Founding Partner, Marret Asset Management Inc.

Dr. Carlos Asilis, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Glovista

Dr. Russell Chaplin, Chief Investment Officer, Aberdeen

Bruce Curwood, Director, Investment Strategy - Canada, Russell Investments

Dr. William De Vijlder, CIO of Strategy & Partners, member of management committee, BNP Paribas Investment Partners

Don Ezra, Co-chairman, Global Consulting, Russell Investments

Margaret Franklin, Managing President & CEO, Kinsale Private Wealth Inc.

Malcolm Hamilton, Partner, Mercer

Hugh Innes, Chair, Rekai Charitable Foundation

Rob Jackson, CRO, Highstreet Asset Management Inc.

David Joy, Chief Market Strategist, Ameriprise Financial

Ben Legge, President and CIO, Highstreet Asset Management Inc.

Tristram Lett, CIO, Integra Capital Management

Patrick Ludden, Managing Director, Cash/Foreign Exchange Product Manager, BNY Mellon Asset Servicing Global Product Management
Virginie Maisonneuve, Head of Global and International Equities at Schroder Investment Management

Rajiv Silgardo, CEO, BMO Asset Management
Dr. Harindra de Silva, President & Portfolio Manager, Analytic Investors, LLC
Jeffrey Tarrant, Co-founder, CEO & Co-CIO, Protege Partners

Brad Taylor, Global Product Manager, Investment Finance, RBC Dexia Investor Services



Barry Allan
Barry is the founding partner of Marret Asset Management Inc. He has over 30 years of investment experience and has successfully operated in virtually all areas of the fixed income arena.
Prior to founding Marret, Barry spent six years with Altamira Management where he managed a wide variety of fixed income mandates and held secondary responsibilities on several equity and balanced mandates. He was also responsible for internal risk management and oversaw the hedging activities for the company’s Balance Sheet.
During this period he was the lead manager of the Altamira High Yield Bond Fund, co-manager of the Balanced and Growth and Income Funds, and Lead Manager of the Global Bond and Global Short-Term Income Funds.
Barry also managed several institutional mandates with alternative investment strategies (swing funds shifting between Canadian and Global bonds, Hedge Fund being long and short Global Bonds and Currencies, Commodity Derivatives in equity portfolios, bonds with embedded options to gain convexity).
Prior to joining Altamira, Barry spent seven years with the Bank of Montreal and seven years with Nesbitt Thomson.
Barry has an undergraduate degree from the University of British Columbia and an MBA from the University of Arizona.
Dr. Carlos Asilis
Prior to co-founding Glovista, Carlos Asilis managed global macro strategies focusing on global equities, fixed income, currencies and commodities at Proxima Alfa Investments (USA) LLC.
Between 1999 and 2003, Carlos served at J.P. Morgan Chase, initially as the firm's first Chief Global Emerging Markets Strategist and subsequently as Chief US and Chief Investment Strategist. Carlos' contributions at J.P. Morgan Chase and other investment banks have been recognized in multiple institutional investor polls, including Institutional Investor Survey, Reuters Survey, Greenwich Polls and Latin Finance awards.
Carlos has also served as Director of Proprietary Trading Strategy in the Emerging Markets Fixed Income division at CSFB and UBS. At Merrill Lynch, Carlos served as chief global emerging markets currency strategist, and senior Latin America equity strategist.
Public Sector
Prior to joining the private sector, Carlos served as Research Economist at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) where he was responsible for advising the supranational on its assistance programs to China and the Russian Federation from an economic surveillance perspective. At the IMF, Carlos also authored an innovative technical report analyzing the US public debt.
Prior to joining the IMF, Carlos served as Economics professor at Georgetown University, lecturer at the University of Chicago and visiting professor at the Stockholm School of Economics. Carlos' academic contributions in scholarly journals include work in the fields of global finance, open economy macroeconomics, pure economic theory, labor economics, game theory and international trade.
Carlos received a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Chicago in 1988. He earned a BSE degree with honors in Finance and Economics from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.
Dr. Russell Chaplin
Dr. Russell Chaplin is the Chief Investment Officer for Aberdeen's property team and is a member of the property team's management board. Russell is primarily responsible for the investment process and its application throughout the property business along with direct management responsibility for the research and strategy team. Russell joined Aberdeen in September 2010 from UBS Global Asset Management where he was Global Real Estate Strategist, responsible for delivering strategies and tactics related to global property investment.
Previously, Russell worked for Henderson Global Investors as Head of European Property Research. Prior to that, he worked for Property Market Analysis where he was their Investment Analyst and for the University of Cambridge where he lectured on property investment. Russell graduated with a Ph.D. and M.Phil. in Land Economy from the University of Cambridge and a BSc (Hons.) in Estate Management from Heriot-Watt University; he is also a member of RICS.
Bruce Curwood
Bruce Curwood is director, investment strategy for Russell Investments, Canada, where his primary responsibilities include investment research and client service for institutional clients. With over 25 years’ experience in asset management, Bruce has worked in various organizations within the corporate and public sector, as a trustee and plan sponsor. Bruce joined Russell in 1995 as a strategic consultant.
Immediately prior to Russell, Bruce served as the first treasurer for the University of Toronto, where his responsibilities included the direct and indirect management of more than $2 billion in assets. Bruce has been associated with various external organizations in other capacities, including as current director with the Investment Management Consultants Association, a past director of the Pension Investment Association of Canada, the Institute of Secretaries and Administrators in Canada, and sits on the editorial committees of Benefits and Pensions Monitor, the IMCA Journal and CGQ (Canadian Governance Quarterly). In both 2001 and 2008, IMCA presented Bruce with a Steve Kessler Writing Award, for outstanding contributions to the field of investment consulting.
Bruce holds a number of certificates, including Permanent Certified Cash Manager and Professional Administrator, and has participated in IMCA’s Alternative Investment, and Endowments and Foundations programs through Wharton.
Bruce is currently investment advisor to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, for both their pension plan and the mortgage insurance fund ($20 billion). He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators, an Accredited Director and has been listed in the Canadian edition of Who’s Who since 1994.
Dr. William De Vijlder
Dr. William De Vijlder began his career in the Economic Research Department at Belgium’s Generale Bank in 1987 and became Chief Investment Strategist in the asset management division in 1989. He was previously Managing Director and Global Chief Investment Officer at Fortis Investments. When Fortis Investments merged with BNP Paribas Investment Partners in 2010, he became CIO Partners and Alternative Investments, and subsequently CIO Strategy and Partners, the position he currently holds. He is a member of the Management Committee of BNP Paribas Investment Partners. William has a Ph.D. in economics and has been senior lecturer in finance and economics at the University of Ghent in Belgium since 1991.


Don Ezra
Don Ezra “graduated” from Russell Investments in 2010, and is now principal of Don Ezra Consulting Services, LLC. He continues to act as co-chair of Russell’s global consulting services.
Until his career change in 2010, he served for some years as Research Committee Chair of the Employee Benefit Research Institute and a member of the Executive Committee of its Board. He has since been appointed the first Fellow of its sister organization, the American Savings Education Council, to pursue his goal of raising the status of financial literacy in the school curriculum.
Don was an appointed delegate to the National Summit on Retirement Savings in both 2002 and 2006, and an at-large delegate from New York State to the White House Conference on Aging in 2006.
Don is a widely published author. In addition to numerous articles and papers, his books include Understanding Pension Fund Finance and Investment (1979), The Struggle for Pension Fund Wealth (1983), Pension Fund Excellence (1998) and The Retirement Plan Solution: the Reinvention of Defined Contribution (2009). Among many awards, he received EBRI’s Lillywhite Award in 2004 for extraordinary lifetime contributions to Americans’ economic security.
His other deep professional interests are ongoing research into the economics of happiness, and educating people in financial planning both for and after retirement.


Margaret Franklin
Margaret Franklin is the President and CEO of Kinsale Private Wealth. Ms. Franklin has over 20 years of institutional and private client investment management experience. She has worked at Barclays Global Investors, State Street Global Advisors and Mercers in senior positions advising institutional clients on investment strategies and asset allocation.
In 2002, Marg moved from the institutional side of the business to work with private clients working with individuals and families construct portfolios that address their specific objectives, needs and personalities. In 2010, Kinsale Private Wealth Inc. was founded by Margaret Franklin in partnership with Marret Asset Management, Canada’s largest independent manager of fixed income credit, to manage assets for high net worth and ultra high net worth clients.
Marg is the Immediate Past Chair of the global CFA Institute and during her time on the board has chaired the Planning, Audit and Risk and External Relations committees. She is a past president of the Toronto CFA Society.
Marg speaks regularly to both professional and lay audiences as well as media in the areas of private wealth, asset allocation, behavioural finance and general investing. Marg was named as one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women in 2010.
She has a BA in Economics from McMaster University and is a CFA charterholder.
Malcolm Hamilton
Malcolm Hamilton is a Partner of Mercer. He specializes in the design and funding of employee benefit plans in both the private and public sectors. His clients include the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology and the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan.
Malcolm graduated from Queens University in 1972 as the Gold Medalist in Mathematics. He attended McGill as a National Research Council scholar, receiving his M.Sc. in 1975. He became a Fellow of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries and a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries in 1977. He frequently speaks at pension conferences.
Hugh Innes
Hugh has worked in the fields of investment consulting and investment management for over thirty-five years, since graduating from the University of Trinity College in 1976. He has worked with a broad range of clients, including corporate pension funds, unions, foundations, endowments, family offices and high-net-worth individuals.
He began his career in investment consulting working with some of Canada’s leading pension plan sponsors. This involved assessing the investment performance of the industry and individual corporate, multi-employer, union and government plans.
In 1983, he joined an investment management firm that was a pioneer in Canada in the use of option strategies in institutional portfolio management as a risk reduction strategy. During this time he worked with some of Canada’s largest corporations and unions.
Since that time he has worked with both investment management firms and investment consulting firms providing advice to clients on performance evaluation, investment policy development and asset allocation. When providing independent consulting advice he also assisted clients in the selection of appropriate investment managers.
In 2002, he joined a partnership with a focus on marketing alternative investment products to money managers, institutional and high-net-worth clientele.
He is a past member of the Board of Trustees of the Upper Canada College Foundation and the University of Trinity College and chaired both of their respective Investment Committees. Presently he sits on the Board of the Rekai Centres in Toronto and chairs the Rekai Charitable Foundation.
Rob Jackson
As Highstreet’s Chief Risk Officer, Rob co-leads the investment team together with the firm’s Chief Investment Officer. He has direct responsibility for the firm’s research, fixed income, balanced and alternatives strategies, including derivative overlays.
Rob has been with Highstreet since the firm's inception in 1998 and has played a key role in the development of the firm’s proprietary models and risk management processes. He has 15 years of investment and risk management experience and is a member of GARP, PRMIA, and the Buyside Risk Managers Group. He has presented at various forums in Canada and the U.S.
Prior to joining Highstreet, Rob was a risk manager with a large financial institution. He earned a Master of Mathematics degree from the University of Waterloo in 1988 where he specialized in Statistics, and a B.A. from the University of Western Ontario 1987 (Honours Statistics).
David Joy
David Joy is chief market strategist of Ameriprise Financial, Inc.
Joy is a frequent guest on CNBC, Bloomberg TV and Fox Business Network and has been widely quoted in various publications including The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.
Joy has more than 30 years of experience in the investment management industry including senior investment positions at several industry leading firms before joining Ameriprise in March, 2003.
Joy is a graduate of the College of the Holy Cross. He received his M.B.A. from Boston College's Carroll School of Management.
Ben Legge
Ben leads Highstreet's global equity strategy and is a member of the US equity portfolio team. Ben brings over 17 years of international portfolio management experience. Prior to joining Highstreet, Ben was a senior investment team member at a large British investment trust managing European and global equity portfolios. Ben has been in the investment industry for over 19 years.
Ben began his career in the investment industry working in marketing and sales at Guardian Capital Group in Toronto, Canada in 1993. There, he was responsible for the relationship management of Guardian Fund’s largest institutional clients, product marketing and sales development.
After 2 years with Guardian Capital Group, Ben relocated to England and spent 7 years with INVESCO Asset Management. He trained as a fund manager for several years before becoming a European equity fund manager in 1998. He also contributed to the equity research activities in support of the portfolio management efforts for over £10 billion worth of assets. During his final year at INVESCO, Ben achieved partnership level with AMVESCAP Plc. becoming one of the youngest partners in the INVESCO Global organization.
In 2002 Ben accepted a position at Morgan Stanley Investment Management as the fund manager for the European Equity Growth Team. He spent 2 years with the firm overseeing a team of 5 individuals managing over $2 billion in assets.
Following his tenure at Morgan Stanley, Ben became a senior member of the investment team at RIT Capital Partners in London, England which is the main investment vehicle of Lord Jacob Rothschild. As a senior member of the investment team at RIT Capital Ben was involved in the asset allocation decisions of Lord Rothschild’s various interests including the Rothschild Foundation and the Hanadiv Charitable Foundation, all of which were run in the endowment model of investing. He also managed a segregated global equity portfolio for 5 years while at RIT Capital. Ben established a successful performance track record outperforming the relevant benchmarks in each of the 5 years while with the firm. Ben left RIT Capital Partners in 2010 and subsequently joined Highstreet Asset Management Inc. in London, Ontario.

Tristram Lett
Tristram is CIO of and a partner at Integra Capital Management. He chairs its investment policy committee and also has the specific responsibility of managing the firm’s Alpha Beta strategies. Mr. Lett is the former Chair of the Board of Governors of the Toronto Futures Exchange. Recently he was Deputy Chair of the Alternative Investment Management Association of Canada (AIMA), the hedge fund industry association, and a member of a number of its committees. Currently he is a member of the Board of Directors of the Fields Institute for Research into the Mathematical Sciences, a member of the editorial advisory board of the Canadian Investment Review, a member of the Professional Risk Managers Industry Association (PRMIA) and the International Association of Financial Engineers (IAFE).
He has been frequently published on investment matters in industry journals and is a regular speaker at national and international conferences. He currently writes a blog on hedge fund issues for the Canadian Investment Review Online. He holds a M.Sc. (Econ.) from the London School of Economics. He is registered as Investment Counsel and Commodity Trading Manager with the OSC.

Patrick Ludden
Mr. Ludden is a cross-segment product manager within BNY Mellon’s Asset Servicing Group, responsible for planning, coordinating and delivering on all product strategies related to global cash and foreign exchange products delivered to institutional investors and investment managers.
Before joining the Global Product Management group, Patrick worked in various roles in London and the Netherlands supporting the ABN AMRO Mellon Joint Venture. During his time there, he was the Operations Manager for the start-up operation and a project manager within the Securities Lending Group. He paved the way for ABN AMRO Mellon’s utilization of the ABN AMRO Foreign Exchange trading desk.
Prior to his accomplishments in Europe, Patrick was a manager within Asset Servicing’s ISS Group. Patrick began his career at Mellon in 1995.
Patrick is based in Boston and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and History from Marietta College in Ohio.


Virginie Maisonneuve
Virginie Maisonneuve is the Head of Global and International Equities at Schroders, based in London. Virginie is a Director of Schroders North America. She joined Schroders in London in 2004.
Prior to Schroders, Virginie joined Clay Finlay in 1998 in New York, where she became Co-CIO.
At Clay Finlay, she was also a Director and Board member as well as a member of the Executive Committee and Investment Policy Committee Meeting. In addition to her Co-CIO responsibility, Virginie also managed global and EAFE funds.
Previously, from 1996, Virginie worked at State Street Research and Management in San Francisco where she managed Asian portfolios. Between 1990 and 1996, she worked as a fund manager at Batterymarch Financial Management where she first managed EAFE portfolios combining innovative quantitative and fundamental tools before managing some of the first China funds launched in the US as well as emerging markets assets.
Virginie started her investment career in 1987 at Martin Currie in Scotland, where she managed Continental European equity funds. In 1986 she was a consultant on technology transfers with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in China.
Virginie is a regular guest on well recognized global financial media such as Bloomberg, CNBC, Barron’s, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, LA Tribune etc. She was voted one of the Top Women in Finance in Europe 2008 and also named among the Financial News 100 Most Influential Women in Finance in 2009.


Rajiv Silgardo
Rajiv has more than 26 years of experience in the investment industry in the area of quantitative active and index fund management. Prior to joining the BMO team, Rajiv was at Barclays Global Investors Canada Ltd for 14 years and served as President & CEO as well as Chief Investment Officer most recently. He is a past member of the TSX Trading Advisory Committee and of the Board of Governors of the Bishop Strachan School. Rajiv currently serves on the Advisory Board at Ryerson University's Ted Rogers School of Business. He holds a Masters of Commerce from Delhi University, India, an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and is a CFA charter holder.


Dr. Harindra de Silva
Dr. Harindra (“Harin”) de Silva is responsible for the firm’s strategic direction and the ongoing development of its investment processes. As a portfolio manager, Harin focuses on the ongoing research effort for equity and global asset allocation strategies. Harin has authored several articles and studies on finance-related topics including stock market anomalies, market volatility and asset valuation. He, along with his colleagues Roger Clarke and Stephen Thorley, was recognized with the prestigious Graham and Dodd Award of Excellence for their research published in the Financial Analysts Journal in 2002 and 2005. Prior to joining Analytic Investors, Harin was a Principal at Analysis Group, Inc., where he was responsible for providing economic research services to institutional investors including investment managers, large pension funds, and endowments.
  • Joined firm in 1995
  • 26 years of investment experience
  • Ph.D. in Finance, University of California, Irvine
  • M.S. in Econometrics, University of Rochester
  • MBA, Finance, University of Rochester
  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology
Jeffrey Tarrant
Protégé Partners, LLC ("Protégé") is a specialized asset management firm that was founded in 2002 by Jeffrey Tarrant and Ted Seides to focus exclusively on investing in smaller hedge funds.
Prior to founding Protégé, Jeffrey managed institutional size assets for private family fortunes in Europe and America since the late 80’s. In addition, he was a member of the board of The Investment Fund for Foundations (TIFF), the leading investment advisory firm for charitable foundations and institutions. He was active in the launch of the Absolute Return Pool (ARP) which is one of the first fund of hedge funds specifically designed for the charitable community.
Jeffrey founded Altvest, one of the hedge fund industry’s largest databases and analytic systems. Altvest is now a division of Morningstar, Inc. after being sold to Investorforce in 2000. He also was a founder and advisory board member of the Global Alternative Investment Management Conference (GAIM) and the Greenwich Roundtable. Jeffrey also helped found the Hedge Fund Charity Awards Dinner in London which evolved into Absolute Return for Kids (ARK), an international charity with a mission to transform the lives of children. He is currently the Vice Chairman of ARK US.
Jeffrey received an M.B.A. from the Harvard University Graduate School of Business in 1985 and a B.A. in Economics from the University of California at Davis.
Brad Taylor
Brad Taylor, Global Product Manager, Investment Finance, RBC Dexia Investor Services Brad Taylor joined RBC Dexia in 2006 and oversees the development and delivery of portfolio financing and hedge fund services.
Mr. Taylor began his career in financial services at Nesbitt Thomson in 1990. He also held management positions with Midland Walwyn Capital and Merrill Lynch Canada until 1998 when he was appointed Vice President in the Corporate and Institutional Client Group at Merrill Lynch in New York.
In 2001, Mr. Taylor moved to London and co-founded a financial services technology company which developed quantitative software solutions for proprietary trading desks at broker-dealers. In 2003 he was named Chief Operating Officer of InvestorsAnalysis LLC, a consultancy focused on alternative portfolio management advisory services for global hedge fund and pension plan managers.
Plan Sponsor Speakers

Robert Cultraro, Senior Vice President, Chief Investment and Pension Officer, Hydro One Inc.

Adrian Hussey, Director, Portfolio Research & Analytics, University of Toronto Asset Management Corporation

John Ilkiw, Consultant, Pharos Consulting

Josephine E. Marks, Managing Director, Pension Assets, Scotiabank

William W. Moriarty, President and CEO, University of Toronto Asset Management Corporation (UTAM)


Robert Cultraro
Robert is the Chief Investment and Pension Officer at Hydro One Inc. Robert's expertise and responsibilities include pension plan governance, asset mix management, the selection and monitoring of investments, and risk management.
Robert has over twenty years of extensive experience in the investment industry, which includes investment research and analysis, investment consulting and managing investment portfolios.
Robert holds several industry credentials including the Chartered Financial Analyst, Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst and the Certified Investment Manager designations.
Robert is professionally affiliated with the CFA Institute, the Toronto CFA Society, the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association, is a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute. Robert is also a member of the Investment Advisory Committee for the Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee.



Adrian Hussey
Mr. Hussey has 25 years of experience in capital markets focused in asset allocation, risk management, financial engineering and hedging strategy. He joined University of Toronto Asset Management in 2009 and is responsible for asset allocation modeling and risk budgeting, performance attribution, risk reporting and hedging strategies.
Before joining UTAM Mr. Hussey was VP Research at Northwater Capital. He was a member of the Investment Committees for the fund-of-hedge-fund and private equity portfolios. There he designed and lead the development of systems for the quantitative screening and evaluation of hedge fund managers and the construction of fund-of-hedge-fund portfolios. In recognition for his work on hedge fund replication, Adrian won the 2007 AIMA Canada Research Award, along with Neil Simons. His team provided asset allocation advice and modeling to clients introducing hedge hedges to their portfolios and also developed an Alternative Beta Portfolio and a Risk Parity Portfolio.
As VP Capital Markets at Manulife Financial he was responsible for all equity and interest rate derivative markets activity, the introduction of Life Style funds and a family of index funds. Prior to joining Manulife he held progressively responsible positions with Ontario Hydro developing and implementing hedging strategies for foreign exchange, and interest rate exposures and with Algorithmics Inc. designing and marketing Risk Management software.
Mr. Hussey is a Dean’s List Master of Business Administration graduate from the University of Toronto, and holds Bachelor of Science in Zoology from the University of Guelph (Canada). He has received the designation of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) from the CFA Institute is a member of the Toronto CFA Society, and is the Co-chair of the AIMA Canada, Education and Research Committee.
John Ilkiw
John provides strategic guidance on pension financing and investment issues to private and public sector pension plans. He has over 35 years of experience in the pension field acquired through his work in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.
From 2005 to 2010, John was Senior Vice President at the CPP Investment Board and worked with the senior management team to design and implement long-horizon portfolio policies to help the Canada Pension Plan meet its obligations. This included the development and implementation of the innovative CPPIB risk-return-accountability framework with its cornerstone CPP Reference Portfolio.
Prior to joining the CPPIB, John held senior consulting positions with the Russell Investment Group in Toronto, London and Tacoma. He also worked with William M. Mercer Limited as an investment consultant and spent 13 years with the Ontario Ministry of Treasury and Economics advising on public, private and national pension issues. John has also been the Chair of Investment Advisory Committee to the Pension Commission of Ontario and a trustee of Ontario Teachers’ Superannuation Plan representing the Treasurer of Ontario.
John has a BA from York University and an MA from the University of Toronto, both in economics, and is a Chartered Financial Analyst. He has written and spoken extensively on strategic issues facing defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans.
Josephine E. Marks
Ms Marks is currently Managing Director, Pension Assets with Scotiabank. In this role, she is responsible for the management of the pension fund assets of the Bank’s domestic and selected international operations, with accountability for developing and implementing investment strategy, delivering portfolio results and interacting with various fiduciary committees on investment matters.
Previously Ms Marks held the position of Chief Investment Officer for the Hospitals of Ontario Pension Plan where she was responsible for all aspects of the overall investment management of the $ 25 billion fund. She also served previously as Senior Vice-President, Pensions and Group Investments for Maritime Life where she managed the pensions business operations. She had previously held a variety of senior roles at Sun Life of Canada in pensions, investment and asset-liability management.
Ms Marks has over twenty five years of experience in the Canadian pension and investment industry. She is actively involved in the industry and currently serves on the board for the Pension Investment Association of Canada and the Toronto CFA Society. She has an undergraduate degree from Queens’ University and a Master’s degree from the University of Toronto, both in biochemistry.
William W. Moriarty
William is President and Chief Executive Officer of the University of Toronto Asset Management Corporation. Prior to joining UTAM in April 2008, Mr. Moriarty was a Vice Chairman of RBC Capital Markets. Over his career at RBC, which began in 1983, Mr. Moriarty has served as: Director of Equity Research and Chair of the Investment Strategy Committee; Head of the Global Research Division; Head of the Global Equity Division; Co-Head of the Capital Markets Services Division; and Head of the Alternative Investments Division. He was also a member of the Bank’s Pension Investment Committee, and a Director of RBC Asset Management Inc. and RBC Capital Partners Limited. In addition, he has served on several community, industry and public Boards and was a founding director of IIROC and the Chair of Market Regulation Services Inc. – the SRO which regulated securities trading and market related activities of participants on Canadian Stock Exchanges and alternative trading systems. Mr. Moriarty holds a BA from the University of Toronto and an MA from the University of Chicago.